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Primer is important

When my wife and I moved into our current home, the first floor of the home had wallpaper on just about every wall. I think wall paper was invented by some evil person because that stuff is a pain the "you know what" to get off. We hired a painter to come and remove the wall paper and paint the whole inside of the house. As I watched the painter paint some of the rooms, I realized how important good primer is to a successful paint job. I have held on to something the painter said about the primer he was using, "the primer creates a new canvas for the new stories you and your family will create in this house."

I think this is a great analogy for anyone stepping into any kind of new leadership role or working towards actualizing their dreams. You must prime your mind to acquire new skills, habits and behaviors necessary to be successful your new role. If you don't use good primer, old habits and behaviors might show through an

prevent you from realizing your success, leaving you with a life of "wall paper."

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